Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas Stockings

Holiday shopping can be stressful. Sometimes, deciding what to get people can be difficult! In addition to that, stocking stuffers tend to be more personal, small items and can be a hit or miss depending on the person and what they like. Of course, you could fill the stocking to the brim with candy if you are totally clueless, but if you’re wanting to be a little more intentional, we have some unique ideas that people receiving are guaranteed to love and appreciate.

Women/Girls Stocking Stuffers

This can be tricky because most women have certain brands they love and use. Although, there are some things that they will appreciate getting, no matter their what.

  • Nail Care Kit – Polish, Clippers, Buffer, and other tools
  • Hair Brushes – Can’t go wrong with this one! A hair brush is a hair brush. We highly recommend WET Brushes.
  • Hand Sanitizer – The good smelling ones have most women’s hearts!
  • Gift Card to their favorite boutique or store – This would also be a good gift if need be! Target is always a SAFE option.
  • Essential Oils – If they love for their home to smell good, this is the way.
  • Mini/Small Candles – Pick their favorite scent.
  • Stress Ball – All women could use this one!
  • Hair ties, Headbands, or Scrunchies – Women lose these like crazy! They can always use more.
  • Gum/Breath mints – Something they are always asking for, but they never actually have.
  • Coffee/Tea related items – A way to a woman’s heart is caffeine.

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Men/Boys Stocking Stuffers

Men are simple, as they make use out of anything you give them. Although, they don’t usually have brand preferences. If they have an item, they usually have had it for a long time as well. Therefore, think about replacing items they already have with something newer and nicer!

  • Deck of Cards – They will enjoy having these on hand when company comes over.
  • Socks/Underwear – They wear their socks and underwear down to its last leg. It is probably time for more!
  • A New Wallet or Money Clip – The one he has is probably shot! He will appreciate a new one that is fully in tact.
  • Pocket Knife – For some reason, they are always looking for one of these.
  • Lottery Tickets/Scratch off’s – Money is a good gift, and who knows, you could make them a millionaire with this stuffer.
  • Grooming Kits – For men with beards, long hair, or that just need a little help with grooming at home.
  • Flashlights – They use them for everything. Make sure you have batteries to go with it!
  • Gift Card- To his favorite store or to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or his favorite restaurant.
  • Hand Warmers – For the men in your life that can’t stand being cold.
  • Earbuds/Small Speaker – Let’s face it – men love their gadgets!

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