Tips To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Group of friends celebrating new years holding 2022 balloons and sparklers

When it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions, it seems to be a thing people usually keep the first month of the year but usually end up falling back into the habit they were originally giving up. There really is no secret when it comes to keeping these resolutions. The only thing limiting you from keeping your resolution the entire year is you, but there are some Psychological Strategies you can put into place to help you be more successful with your New Year’s Resolutions!

Choose a Concrete Goal

Every year, people make goals such as “be more productive,” “wake up earlier,” or “travel more.” These are all great goals to have, but the problem with them is they are so vague it almost feels as if they are not achievable. Try and make yourself a concrete, very specific goal that you can achieve and work towards each day in the new year. When you reach that goal, you will feel so much more accomplished and will be ready to set a new goal for yourself. For example, instead of “wake up earlier” put a time limit to it. How much earlier do you want to wake up everyday?

Another example is instead of “travel more” put a number to it, or even pick the places you want to go ahead of time. Such as, “I would like to travel to three new states this year.” Or, “I want to travel to Paris, Australia, and Iceland this year.”

Keep the List Short

While you may have a ton of things you want to change in 2022, remember to keep your list of New Year’s Resolutions short. By doing this, you make your goals more achievable. It is also much less overwhelming. It is way easier to pick one goal and focus all of your energy on it instead of spreading that energy across multiple goals and risking falling short come the end of the year.

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Make a Plan

Anyone can make a New Year’s Resolution, but not all people reach their goal, as they never come up with a plan of action on how they are going to reach it. When making a big goal, there are usually smaller goals that go along with it that will help you progress to reaching that big goal. For example: “Wake up earlier.” Before waking up earlier, you can make goals such as go to sleep before 9:00 p.m. or no screen time after 8:30 p.m., etc. These will help you reach your goal of getting in the habit of waking up earlier. Stick to your plan and get excited to meet your goals!

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