Snap A Few Pics For World Photography Day

vintage camera on a tripod stands in a field of flowers
On August 19, photographers of all skill levels recognize World Photography Day, and this global celebration is a great occasion to grab your camera (or smartphone), take a look around, and try your eye at taking a few commemorative photos.

A Cornucopia of Cameras

There’s a wide variety of cameras available now, and some are better suited to portraits, while others might be conducive to landscapes, action, or wildlife. It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your camera, but if you’re just starting out, the right camera is the one in your hands.

Thoughts to Develop Your Skills

World Photography Day is the perfect time to get to know the basics of photography. When you’ve found your subject, consider how the final image will look, as if you could already see it in a picture frame. Decide how much of what you see should be in-frame, and what you can leave out. Should the subject be the only part in-focus, or does the background lend something to the image? Do you want to remember the vibrant color of the scene, or would it benefit from the dramatic contrast of black-and-white photography? Determining all these answers will help you develop your own style with each shot.

Learn from the Pros

While you’re learning the ropes, it doesn’t hurt to study the greats and take notes on their style and technique. Think of the kind of photography that you’d enjoy, then explore the works of a celebrated photographer in that field. If you love landscapes, nature, and the evocative beauty of black-and-white photos, then dive into the breathtaking images by Ansel Adams, who captured nature’s splendor across windswept fields, frozen forests, and moonlit deserts.

If you’re a fan of still life paintings and want to translate that contemplative quietness to your photos, take a look at the portfolio of Olivia Parker, who highlights the minute details of flowers, shadows, old books, and other eye-catching objects. If the people in your life will serve as your subject matter, take notes from portrait photographers like David Bailey, who snapped pics for a host of celebrities and icons to communicate their personalities with just a look, light, and shadow.

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Why August 19?

The date for World Photography celebrates an important moment in the history of the medium. On August 19, 1839, France purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process, a major step in the development of modern photography. The French government considered the process a gift to the world, allowing it to proliferate and continue to develop across the globe.

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