Put Zuni Pueblo On Your Bucket List

Hornos at Zuni Pueblo

When you’re galloping around Gallup and looking for things to do, check out Zuni Pueblo, which is just a short drive away.

Learning History

Zuni Pueblo was chosen Best Historical Native Destination in New Mexico in 2020, and the entire area offers really interesting insights into how Native Americans lived in previous times. There are several archaeological tours to experience, like the tours that take you through the legendary ‘Cities of Cibola.’ The Hawikku Tour leads tourists through the first known contact between Native peoples and European explorers in what is now the American Southwest, dating all the way back to 1540. This tour incorporates a site excavated by famed archaeologist Frederick Hodge in the early years of the 20th Century.

The Village of the Great Kivas Tour takes you through a Chacoan-outlier village to explore the kivas, which are large, underground round rooms that hold particular religious significance to the Native people of the region. There are also extensive petroglyphs and pictographs to observe. Also offered are the Badger Springs Tour, which features a cluster of ancient villages, with petroglyphs carved into the walls of the sandstone cliffs, and Re-Discover the Cities of Cibola Tour, which offers visitors a full day tour of several different Native historical sites.

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Check It Out

Zuni Pueblo deserves to be on your list of places to see soon. It features the rich heritage of nearby Native people, and visiting it gives us a greater sense of the people who came before us, and it will leave you feeling more connected to the world around you. As always when visiting Native heritage sites: Be respectful and don’t touch the pictographs or petroglyphs!

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