Instagram Worthy Murals Around Gallup, NM

woman taking photo of a painted mural

If you find yourself in the great town of Gallup, New Mexico, you are bound to have a blast. To remember your vacation, you will want to take many photos. Capture your memories in front of these fantastic Gallup murals!

Great Gallup Mural

Did you know that many roads lead to the great city of Gallup? Back in the year 1881, construction crews reported to our great city to receive their paycheck, so of course, when payday is involved, the city’s name became rather familiar. As Gallup became swarmed with workers, from coal miners to ranchers, the movie industry also struck. The community pushed for Route 66 to go through the city of Gallup, and once it did, the thrill of Gallup tourism took off when travelers were passing through. The muralist, Pual Newman, and assistant, Steve Heil brought this beautiful painting to life to show tourists what the great city of Gallup is really all about.

Gallup Community Life Mural

If you want to snap a photo in front of a mural that explains the foundation of the Gallup community, your photo op should take place at the Gallup Community Life Mural. Ric Sarracino crafted this wall to show how the people of Gallup live their lives, from learning to worshipping their God and creating the beautiful arts, whether that’s drawing, painting, dancing, or theatre.

Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Mural

If you want to remember the dose of culture you received from your Gallup adventure, grab your camera phone and head over to the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Mural. On September 22, 1922, the first tribal ceremony took place in Gallup, and what better way to remember it than with a wall in its honor? Enjoy views of brave Native Americans, full of arts, parades, rugged rodeos, and more. In 2003, Irving Bahe brought his talents to our city to make this vision a reality.

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El Rancho Hotel Murals

Looking for somewhere to stay during your visit? Rest your head and catch a glimpse of art and tribal culture at the El Rancho Hotel. Up and down the hallways, set your eyes on beautifully painted murals of several of Gallup’s greatest influencers from the past.

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