Important Car Maintenance Tips

Tire changing in a car service

For a smooth ride and optimal safety, it’s important to get your car serviced throughout the year. However, it’s even more important during the cold fall and winter months. That’s because you’ll face more challenges on the road during that time. Along with these car maintenance tips, visit Amigo Toyota in Gallup, New Mexico.

Spare Tire

In addition to checking the quality and air pressure of the regular tires, don’t forget about the spare. After all, if you get a flat, you could end up stranded. For all five tires, check the pressure at least once a month.

The Battery

On average, a new battery lasts about four years. So, if it’s been that long since you had a battery put in your car, it might be time for a new one. Regardless, also make sure the cables aren’t caked with dirt or corrosion. Those will also cause problems.

Oil Change

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, it’ll need an oil change between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Another thing, be sure to take your car to a reputable source so you’ll feel confident it uses the right type of oil.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter will compromise how the air-conditioning system works and blow pollutants inside the cabin. To prevent either one of these, replace the air filter every 12,000 miles or once a year.

Brake Pads

A lot of people never think about getting new brake pads installed. Only after their vehicles struggle to stop do they realize that something’s wrong. Along with the pads, make sure the brake fluid isn’t dark. If so, then it, too, needs replacing.

Tire Rotation

Here’s another excellent car maintenance tip. Following the same schedule as an oil change for your car, a qualified technician can rotate the tires. That way, they’ll wear evenly, which means more safe driving time.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Most people don’t realize they need new blades until they find themselves in torrential rain. As a driver, you need excellent visibility at all times. After all, not seeing what’s in front of you creates a potentially serious risk.

Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of shocks, struts, and springs. Combined, they ensure you enjoy a smooth ride. Whether you begin to notice a bumpiness while driving or it’s been between 15,000 and 30,000 miles, get this checked too.

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Belts and Hoses

Because they’re under the hood, it’s easy to forget about your car’s belts and hoses. However, they all play a critical role. For instance, if the radiator hose leaks, you can expect the engine to overheat. As a good rule of thumb, get the timing belt replaced every 60,000 miles. As for the serpentine belt, a technician should look at it every 40,000 miles.

Following these car maintenance tips will give you greater enjoyment and peace of mind on the road. If you can handle some of these tasks yourself, great. Otherwise, head to Amigo Toyota in Gallup, New Mexico.

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