Get Native American Crafts At Richardson Trading Post

A Native American Woman's Hands (Navajo) Point to Designs on a Navajo Blanket

Have you ever visited a trading post? If not, you’re missing out. Keep in mind that they’re located throughout the country. However, Richardson Trading Post in Gallup, New Mexico, ranks among the best. There, you’ll discover the most beautiful Native American-inspired items available.

What Is a Trading Post?

The first trading post appeared in the late 17th century. Because of the benefits, it didn’t take long for others to follow. For Native Americans, trading posts became a vital part of their existence. That’s because they depended on them to trade items they made.

What Did Native Americans Trade?

Native Americans traded all kinds of things. For instance, some tribes traded blankets, nuts, and woven rugs. However, other tribes traded silver and turquoise, as well as jewelry.

If you want to experience what early Native Americans did, visit Richardson Trading Post. After all, the items it sells focus solely on Native American culture.


Even if you don’t know much about this culture, you’ll still enjoy wearing a Native American-inspired bracelet. Richardson Trading Post has some of the most amazing pieces. That’s why people come from near and far to shop.

In addition to simple bracelets, you’ll find some with bold designs. Sometimes, the designers use a lot of turquoise, whereas other times, they don’t. Richardson Trading Post even has bracelets made without any turquoise at all. So, if you want something simple, consider a stamped sterling silver bracelet.


Richardson Trading Post has unique rings. They’re also inspired by the Native American culture. The rings come in both simple and bold designs. For instance, some rings have multiple turquoise pieces. However, there are less dramatic choices too. In that case, a sterling silver Royston and orange spiny ring makes a great choice.


When it comes to Native American-inspired necklaces, you can’t beat what Richardson Trading Post offers. After all, this is its area of expertise. You’ll discover gorgeous pieces.

If you like jewelry that makes a statement, check out the large Sleeping Beauty necklace. For one thing, it’s more elaborate. For another, it has a gorgeous squash blossom design made of turquoise.

Bolo Ties

For a long time, only men wore bolo ties. Well, not anymore. Today, anyone can wear this accessory. As with the other jewelry at Richardson Trading Post, there are simple and bold bolo tie designs. The green broken arrow inlay bolo tie is an amazing example.


This trading post even has belts. No, these aren’t ordinary belts. Instead, they’re inspired by the Native American culture. Richardson Trading Post only offers its customers the best. For that reason, the designers use quality materials. That includes turquoise of various colors.


Native Americans often brought pottery to trading posts. It quickly became popular because every tribe crafted unique pieces. You’ll discover the same thing at Richardson Trading Post.

For example, you could enhance your office with a white Zuni pot. It even has tiny deer hoof prints. However, if you want a conversation piece for your home, look at a Jemez storyteller doll.

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A Reputable Source for Native American-Inspired Items

Richardson Trading Post has a great selection of items. As a result, you’ll have no problem finding something you like. So, when you’re in Gallup, New Mexico, be sure to stop by.

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