Get Your Home Ready For Summer With This Checklist

Various household items such as pillows and quilts standing in the white cupboard.

You’re probably eagerly counting down the days until summer arrives. You’re ready for the warm weather, but is your house? You need to get your home as ready as you are to maximize your enjoyment during the season. Thus, check out this home checklist that will help you prepare for summer.

Replace Storm Doors for Screen Doors

Do you want to let the summer sunshine into your house? You can do just that by taking down your storm doors and replacing them with screen doors. If you’re using the same screen doors from last season, give them a quick once-over to ensure there aren’t any holes. Then patch any you find so mosquitos and other critters can’t make your way into your home.

Make a Screen-Free Crafting Area

Are you looking forward to doing some crafting with your family this summer? Instead of setting up shop at the dining room table, make a dedicated crafting space for the summer. Set up a table and chairs far away from screens so your family can focus on the task at hand instead of falling down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Give Your Bathroom a Refresh

You want your bathroom to be as bright as the summer sun, so give it a refresh this season. First, check the shower curtain liner. If it’s seen better days, swap it out for a new one. Then do the same for your towels and bath cloths. Oh, and consider adding a woven basket full of rolled towels to your bathroom. This simple design element will upgrade your bathroom in an instant.

Clean the Downspouts and Gutters

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters and downspouts recently, they’re probably full of leaves and other debris that can clog up the system. Then you could spring a leak this summer, leading to expensive repairs. Thus, spend some time cleaning your gutters and downspouts so the water will flow without restrictions over the summer.

Maintain Your Cooling System

You don’t want your cooling system to go out during the heat of summer, so schedule a maintenance appointment with your HVAC company. Then the company can inspect it and make repairs if necessary. It’ll be nice to get that out of the way instead of when the temperature rises to dangerous levels.

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Make a First-aid Kit

Your family will likely take on some outdoor adventures this season, so have a first aid kit ready. Then you can mend skinned knees and other injuries that can happen when playing outdoors. Use the checklist from the American Red Cross when making your first-aid kit to ensure it contains everything you need for your family.

Work your way down the list so your house will be ready on the first day of summer. Then you can focus on enjoying the gorgeous weather instead of catching up on your to-do list.

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