Gear You Need To Overland In Your Toyota

SUV Car Speeding In The Desert

Sometimes the desire to break new trails is overwhelming, a primal human need of discovery and self-challenge. When you’re heading off-road and overland in a Toyota Tacoma or Tundra, Car & Driver offers some smart gear suggestions to help your trek be as successful as possible.

Things to Consider

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the equipment you select is suitable for your specific vehicle. Some items, such as roof racks and suspension upgrades, may necessitate specific vehicle models or modifications.
  • Trip Duration and Terrain: Take into account the duration of your trips and the types of terrain you’ll be traversing. Longer journeys and more challenging landscapes may necessitate sturdier equipment.
  • Storage Solutions: Keep your gear organized and secure by utilizing storage solutions like drawers, containers, or bags. Also, consider the accessibility of your equipment for easy retrieval.
  • Power Sources: Overlanding often demands power for devices, lighting, and refrigeration. Invest in a dependable power source, such as dual batteries, solar panels, or portable power stations.
  • Local Regulations: Research and adhere to local regulations concerning camping, fires, and off-roading in the areas you intend to explore.

Must-Have Gear

  • All-Terrain Tires: To embark on your adventure smoothly, you’ll require a set of tires capable of handling challenging terrains. All-terrain tires are typically sufficient for any four-wheel-drive vehicle with adequate ground clearance.
  • Lighting System: When navigating unfamiliar terrain at night, visibility is crucial. Installable LED lights provide powerful illumination to guide you through obstacles, bumps, cracks, and crevices.
  • Two-Way Radio: While cell phones have their merits, they aren’t always reliable in remote off-road locations. Communication is vital when venturing away from your base camp. Ideally, opt for a two-way radio with a range of up to 50 miles and the capability to scan NOAA weather channels for severe weather alerts.
  • Recovery Boards: Getting stuck is an inevitable part of off-roading. Whether you’re stuck in mud or snow, recovery boards can provide the extra traction needed to free your vehicle from a tricky situation.
  • Gas Can: Being stranded far from the nearest road without fuel is a daunting scenario. Carrying a five-gallon fuel can ensures you have extra range or a means to return to civilization when necessary.

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