Five Great Car Dates To Take In Your New Toyota


Sometimes, date night doesn’t mean going to a movie, a nice restaurant, or another romantic destination. Instead, a couple can spend some bonding time together from the comfort of their vehicle. Here are five great car date ideas from Friday We’re In Love that are perfect for a new Toyota.

Celestial Dates

A beautiful sunset often creates a nice mood for couples, and heading out to find the perfect place to watch it sink below the horizon can be an ideal date. Brilliant colors at dusk illuminate the sky and put on a spectacular show. Sticking around for the next act can be equally stunning. Finding a nice spot away from city lights to stargaze is a romantic way to spend an evening.

Drive-In Movie at Home

People do not have to go to a drive-in movie to experience a drive-in movie. Instead, couples can set up a screen in the driveway, get out a projector, and take in a nice film. One of the advantages of watching at home is that, instead of a movie, people have the option of binge-watching one of their favorite shows.

Take a Drive Through a Scenic Area

In New Mexico, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery, and driving around to take it all in can be a wonderful way for a couple to spend a couple of hours together. Gallup tourists drive along Route 66 and find all sorts of treasures in this area, and it can be fun for residents to get out and enjoy these sites as well.

Glamping in a Car

Whether a person likes camping or not, they may like to go glamping in their automobile. As most people know, glamping is a more glamorous form of camping, hence the hybrid of the two words. Some couples may want to set the seats back and relax for a couple of hours. Truck owners may choose to put a couple of sleeping bags in the bed and snuggle up for a little bit.

Game Play

It can be fun for some couples to play games together on drives. Many trivia apps can be downloaded, and it can be fun to play as a team or go head-to-head. Another game to play is to turn on a radio station and see who can identify each song or artist first.

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Finding the Right Car at Amigo Toyota

Anyone who wants to impress their significant other may want to surprise them with a new car from Amigo Toyota in Gallup, New Mexico. Sales team professionals at the dealership are ready to set up test drives, and the financing team can discuss payment plans at any time. The dealership is located at 2000 South Second Street, Gallup, New Mexico 87301.

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