Easy Holiday DIY’s You Will Love

Autumn Lantern with Pumpkins and GourdsWith the holidays just around the corner, you’ll want your home to look festive. There are so many beautiful and easy ways to decorate,  and the best part is you don’t have to break the bank to do it. You can decorate your home using these simple DIY Thanksgiving decorations 

Pumpkin and Gourd Candle Holders 

This is a fabulous option if you are in a pinch. Mini pumpkins and gourds are abundant this time of year, which makes for a great last-minute project. These candle sticks are a simple way to create an inviting table for the holidays. These homemade candle holders can be made to fit tea lights, votive, or taper candles to arrange a great décor piece this holiday season.  

Husk Wreath

Wreaths are a welcoming piece of décor to display on your door. Store bought wreaths can be expensive, so why not design your own? This natural corn husk autumn wreath is a great way to add soft harvest colors to the front of your home this holiday season and save some extra cash.  

Seasonal Mason Jars 

The holidays are a time to give thanks. What’s a better way of giving thanks than to spell it out on a mason jar? Pick your favorite quote to show your gratitude and paint it on a mason jar. Add some string, ribbon or glitter too. This can be a great centerpiece, vase, or even candle holder for your table.  

Leaf Lights

Brighten up the holidays with these twinkling autumn leaf lights. All you need is a string of fairy lights and synthetic fall-colored leaves. You can string them along windows, the staircase,  and your mantelpiece to add a warm festive theme to your home.  

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Felt Turkey Magnets

What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey? Turkeys don’t just belong on the table. There is a fun craft you can make too. If you have kids, these felt turkey magnets are a fun activity. With just a few simple materials, these magnets can hold up notes and reminders for the whole family.  

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