Dress With Style Even In The Heat

woman drying sweat in a warm summer day

Long, sunny days are here in Gallup, NM — but unfortunately, so is the heat. Many people think that stylish outfits and the heat of the summer don’t mix. In fact, many fashion trends and outfits work well in the warmth of summer with a bit of planning. Don’t let rising temperatures stop you from stepping out in style this summer. Try these tips for dressing with style, even in the hottest weather.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing to do is to plan ahead. For example, you can check the weather report for the week. Knowing when a heatwave or summer thunderstorms are coming is key to planning the optimal outfit for each day. You can switch to your most breathable fabrics on warmer days and choose lighter pieces like camisole tops or bias-cut skirts. In addition, knowing the range of the temperature change can help you plan layers that you can remove or add back as needed.

Light and Loose

Looser silhouettes in lighter colors are fabulous choices on even the hottest days. You can still opt for chic outfits, but you’ll feel far more comfortable by selecting looser-fitting versions in lighter colors. Additionally, consider bright and airy kaftan-style dresses that you can either leave flowing or cinch in with a belt.

Your Same Style, But Different Fabrics

If you have your signature style down pat, transition it to summer by choosing the pieces you love in summer-loving fabrics. For example, cotton and linen are breathable and more cooling than many polyester and blended fabrics. Sundresses and chic-cut tops in linen can deliver high fashion without demanding that you suffer for it.

Balance is Key

Finding balance in your style can help you create flattering fashions regardless of age or shape. So, if you choose a pared-down or sleeveless top, pair it with a longer, flowing skirt. Keeping the skirt loose is as cooling as foregoing sleeves. If you prefer to show your legs, pair a shorter skirt or shorts with a boxy or half-sleeved top. Finally, consider adding a hat into the mix. A wide-brimmed hat can further balance your overall look while shading you and reducing sun exposure.

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Classic Edits for Timeless Chic

While getting caught up in the latest trends can be tempting, owning a capsule wardrobe with well-constructed pieces will last you through countless seasons. It may help to decide on two or three preferred fabrics, in two to three colors maximum. Then, you’ll be able to mix and match the pieces in your core colors. And when you find a particular shape or cut that suits your body, look for similar items in a few colors to ensure you’re always comfortable. Creating a classic edit ensures you never hit the closet with despair, wondering what to wear. And you’ll step out of the house each day more cool and confident, no matter the New Mexican weather.

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