Cook A Romantic Dinner For Your Valentine

A young couple is at home, they are enjoying their free time and eating dinner

As the saying goes, “A man’s love comes from his stomach.” This gives you plenty of opportunities to speak to your husband or boyfriend’s stomach…or heart this Valentine’s Day. What better way to express your love than by cooking an exquisite meal in your home. If he hasn’t declared it already, your significant other is certain to admit his love when he tries this incredible meal. And gentleman if you decide to be the one to don on an apron and head into the kitchen, your lady friend is sure to be very appreciative of the gesture as well. Here is a complete menu to prepare on the evening of Valentine’s.

For Starters

Do not feel like your entire meal has to be prepared the moment your Valentine walks into the door. You may want to have something ready, so have a savory appetizer on hand to begin the evening. As your date nibbles on the appetizer, this gives you time to talk about your day. A great starter for the night is this scrumptious Spinach and Goat Cheese Crostini. Not difficult to make, this crostini packs a punch in flavor thanks to the wonderful combination of spinach and goat cheese. While optional, you definitely do not want to skip out on the red pepper flakes. They had just the right amount of heat.

The Main Focus

When you are ready for the main course, you have several options. Do not feel guilty to go with something you are comfortable making like pasta. It’s a favorite among many, and your love will enjoy that you took the time to make a dish just for them. You can always get creative with your pasta dish by making the sauce yourself such as with this You Won’t Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Pasta. Also, do not be afraid to play around with spices and herbs. Everyone also appreciates a good steak dinner with all of the fixings.

If you truly want to venture into the realm of cooking, though, you could prepare for your main course a sumptuous Beef Wellington. The name of this dish already promotes ideas of elegance and fine dining. While feature in many excellent restaurants, do not let this dish intimidate you. Now, this dish requires a bit of cooking, which is why it’s a good idea to plan and prepare. The result, however, is worth the effort.

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Ending on a Sweet Note

You cannot enjoy a Valentine’s Day date without something sweet, and it arguably should involve chocolate. With that in mind, you and your date will absolutely fall in love with these Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. The raspberry preserve helps lift these truffles from being overly sweet with tart notes of flavor. These take some time to make as well, so you may be wise to actually make them a day or two before your romantic evening.

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