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Try On Something Beautiful At Navajo Spirit Fashion

South West Market Place
For gorgeous Southwestern and Native American-inspired clothes, there’s only one place to shop in Gallup, New Mexico. You can visit Navajo Spirit Fashion in person. You can also find many beautiful things on the company’s website. You’ll discover featured and new products. The company keeps options fresh and exciting. A Brief... [read more]

Graduating Soon? How To Land Your First Job After College

job search concept, find your career, woman looking at online website by laptop computer. People searching for vacancies or position on the internet, recruiting, finding jobs. Unemployed and poor economy
Finally, you’re almost ready to graduate from college. You spent years studying hard to secure a job with a reputable company. However, you’re not the only one looking for an excellent job. That means you need to make yourself stand out so that the company you interview with hires you... [read more]

Make Your Own Pizza

A family making pizza together at home
Pizza is a popular meal choice for many households. It’s remarkable how the basic ingredients of a pizza can combine to create something so delicious and beloved. And while you can easily order pizza from your local spot, sometimes it’s better to try crafting your pizza at home. Check out these... [read more]

Put Zuni Pueblo On Your Bucket List

Hornos at Zuni Pueblo
When you're galloping around Gallup and looking for things to do, check out Zuni Pueblo, which is just a short drive away. Learning History Zuni Pueblo was chosen Best Historical Native Destination in New Mexico in 2020, and the entire area offers really interesting insights into how Native Americans lived in previous... [read more]

Cook A Romantic Dinner For Your Valentine

A young couple is at home, they are enjoying their free time and eating dinner
As the saying goes, "A man's love comes from his stomach." This gives you plenty of opportunities to speak to your husband or boyfriend's stomach...or heart this Valentine's Day. What better way to express your love than by cooking an exquisite meal in your home. If he hasn't declared it... [read more]

Visit The A:shiwi A:wan Museum And Heritage Center

Native American pottery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Museums serve many purposes. For example, some will showcase cultures and provide an educational experience of what certain groups of people have done. In Gallup, NM, the A:shiwi A:wan Museum has a similar goal. Through artistic displays and storytelling, the museum teaches visitors about the Zuni people. It shows how... [read more]

Try This Delicious Chili Recipe

A bowl of delicious home made chili with ground beef, kidney beans, red pepper, tomato and shredded cheddar cheese.
If you’re in the mood for a hot, hearty meal this winter, you don’t have to look further than a bowl of chili. Not only does chili go with various other dishes, but it’s also easy to make. You can prepare it for lunch or dinner. Moreover, the leftovers are... [read more]

Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

Shot of a fit young couple going for a run outdoors
The excitement of the holidays is unlike anything else during the year. The joys of gift-giving and receiving, being with family, and taking in the magic of the season are something you look forward to for weeks or even months. However, once you put away the Christmas tree, hang up... [read more]

Eat At The El Rancho Hotel

A beautiful arrangement of shrimp tacos with pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro, chipotle sour cream, and cotija cheese
If you live in Gallup, New Mexico, you’ve likely heard of the El Rancho Hotel. Even then, you might have no idea that it’s a great place to eat. There, you can enjoy an amazing Mexican or American-inspired meal. However, this restaurant also has excellent service and a welcoming environment. A... [read more]

Easy Holiday Cookie Recipe

Christmas cookies
Even with busy schedules, people take time to bake during the holidays. In addition to cakes and pies, they spend a lot of time in the kitchen making cookies. If you plan to bake cookies this year, you’ll love this recipe. For one thing, the cookies are delicious. For another,... [read more]