Cast Your Reel Around Gallup, NM

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Whether you’re looking to put dinner on the table or just enjoy the quiet time out on the water, a day of fishing is its own reward. There are plenty of great fishing spots around Gallup, so load up your tackle and cast a line!

San Juan River

If it’s trout you’re after, the San Juan River is prime fishing territory thanks to its dam. The water there remains cool and filtered, creating an appealing space for the fish as well as the perfect stretch of trout fishing. The clean water promotes all kinds of plant growth, attracting insects which then make the waters prime hunting ground for the fish below the surface. The abundance of food not only draws plenty of trout, it also ensures they’re well-fed and plump by the time they take a bite at your line. When you visit the San Juan River, remember to only keep only one fly on your line.

Whiskey Lake

The Navajo Nation is home to some bountiful fishing, including the 250-acre Whiskey Lake. As the lake can freeze over during the winter months, the waters are only open for fishing from the start of May to the end of November. It’s not uncommon to catch a rainbow trout around 14 to 18 inches in length, while you might have the opportunity to land one of the lake’s larger inhabitants, as some measure up to 24 inches or more. Remember to pick up Navajo fishing and boating permits at a local sporting goods store before heading out.

Navajo Lake State Park

The second-largest lake in New Mexico features two boat docks as well as two marinas, and it also provides campsites if you prefer to stay a while. When you drop a line in, you might reel in any one of a diverse number of fish, as the waters are home to bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, largemouth bass, kokanee salmon, as well as both rainbow and brown trout. Fly fishers from near and far come to the lake for its abundant catch, and whenever you need a break from casting and reeling, you can hop in a kayak and explore the vast lake while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

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