7 Cleaning Tips To Help Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Children Helping Parents With Household Chores In KitchenAfter a long year, your house tends to get cluttered, and it can be a little overwhelming to live in and even more overwhelming to think about cleaning. Some people get excited about “spring cleaning” and some dread it. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be dreadful! You just have to learn how to work smarter, not harder, when doing your annual spring clean. These tips are here to guide you, relieve some stress, and make your spring cleaning a little easier.  

Schedule it Out

Take a day or two to scope out your home and jot down those areas that drive you completely nuts. Prioritize them into the ones that need it most over those that only need a little help. After you have them all written down, designate days and times to clean those areas. This way, you are not overwhelmed trying to do them all in one day, and you have more time to focus on one area.

Get to Decluttering

An unorganized home or area can contribute to one’s stress level. Therefore, spend some time decluttering these areas you wrote down. Sell some items, donate some items, or find new uses or homes for some items. This can seem challenging and overwhelming, but go one object at a time, and don’t be afraid to throw something away.

Go Green When You Clean

When spring cleaning, you want to start on a fresh note and not a chemical, toxic one. Therefore, think about using clean, green products. Also, steam cleaners can be used to clean just about everything in your home, and they are chemical-free.

Work Top to Bottom

Working from the ceiling down is an important way to ensure your home stays clean for longer. This method forces dust and debris downwards and allows for easier pickup and cleaning. If you have vacuums or dust busters that extend, that’s even better. Allow all the cobwebs, debris, and dust to fall on the floor, and then finish your cleaning.

Show the Walls and Windows Some Love

You may not have noticed, but check out how many fingerprints, scrapes, and marks there are on your walls and windows. This is inevitable to happen in all homes, especially those with kids, but can easily be cleaned. Using a damp towel, wipe down those walls, blinds, and windows, and you’ll instantly notice a cleaner look in your home. Your paint might even change colors!

Don’t Fear the Kitchen and Bathroom

These two areas seem scary, but they don’t have to be. Use that steam cleaner on your stainless steel appliances to avoid scratching, get some gloves and some non-toxic cleaners, and invest in some good scrubbing tools for that bathroom. If you are feeling extra, maybe even change out that shower curtain or give it a good wash.

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Ensure the Air is Clean

You’re probably wondering how in the world do you clean the air. Well, ensure that those HVAC filters and furnace filters are cleaned and changed out. Also, after you finish your spring cleaning, if you want to go a step further, invest in an air purifier and humidifier and place them in a common area of your home.

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