4th Of July Style Guide For Men

Photo of a happy family celebrating Fourth of July in their yard

Headed to an Independence Day party or cookout next week? Stay stylish, comfortable, and cool, with this style guide from the stylist at Stitch Fix.

Pool Party Chic

If you’re headed to a pool party this Fourth of July, you can still look stylish in trunks and a t-shirt. Look for a pair of swim shorts that have a good amount of stretch but are still nice and snug around the waist. You don’t want them to fall off, but you want to be able to move freely enough to enjoy yourself. Also, look for a moisture-wicking t-shirt to put on when you get out of the pool. Even if you dry off with a super absorbent towel, your hair will likely retain some moisture. In that instance, you don’t want to have a shadow of wet fabric around the nape of your neck. Flip flops are a pool party staple, so they’ll make the best footwear for the occasion.

Looking Good at the Cookout

The scorching July heat combined with an open grill will likely make you want to don a pair of shorts and a shirt. And that’s perfectly fine but this basic outfit can be as upscale as it is comfy. Start by choosing clothes with breathable material. Some suggestions are rayon and cotton blends, linen, silk, or seersucker. Couple the breezy material with colors that will help reflect the sunlight away from you. Dark colors absorb heat so steer clear of black or navy blue, and bright colors attract insects. Opt for white, light blues, beige, pale hues, or pastel colors. You can opt for a T-shirt or a short-sleeve button-down. If you choose to go the t-shirt route, make sure the neckline compliments your build.  You can follow this guide to find out what will work best for you.

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Show Your National Pride Stylishly

So, wearing an American flag t-shirt over white and red shorts and a pair of bright blue sneakers is an option. You don’t have to choose it. Instead, subtly incorporate the colors of the flag into your outfit. A white shirt, dark-wash jeans, and sneakers with a few red accents will work wonderfully. Anyone who scans your outfit will instantly appreciate your patriotism as well as your style. You can also choose to forego the national colors altogether and incorporate patriotic symbols instead. Choose colors that compliment your complexion with a stars and stripes print. Or find a shirt with a small American eagle printed on the pocket. A T-shirt with the Statue of Liberty can work as well. Just be careful not to choose a graphic tee with low-quality materials.  For footwear, opt for a pair of canvas sneakers to fit your summer vibe.

No matter what you wear, remember to put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the blazing sun. You don’t want to wake up the next day with a sunburn. You can also opt for a ball cap to keep the sun off your face. Have a happy Fourth of July!

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