Five Father’s Day Dinner Ideas

Beef steak with garlic butter for father's day dinner
Father's Day is a special occasion to honor and appreciate the amazing dads in your life. What better way to show your love and gratitude than by preparing a delicious and memorable dinner? This year, take your Father's Day celebration to the next level with these five mouthwatering dinner ideas... [read more]

Ways To Keep Your Brain Active This Summer

Ways To Keep Your Brain Active This Summer
Whether you are a teacher or have kids out for the summer, this season can be extremely relaxing. Sometimes arguably to relaxing. What with sleeping in, playing at the pool, or going on vacation, your brain can feel like it is on a vacation. While you certainly may need to... [read more]

Five Great Car Dates To Take In Your New Toyota

Sometimes, date night doesn't mean going to a movie, a nice restaurant, or another romantic destination. Instead, a couple can spend some bonding time together from the comfort of their vehicle. Here are five great car date ideas from Friday We're In Love that are perfect for a new Toyota. Celestial... [read more]

Bike Riding 101: Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Ride

Boy learning to ride a bicycle with his father in park. Father teaching his son cycling at park.
Teaching kids to ride a bike is an important milestone in their lives and it can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. While it can be intimidating to teach your child how to ride a bike, Two Wheeling Tots proposes using a simple and stress-free... [read more]

Best Books To Read This Season

Smart black young woman reading a book in cosy armchair in modern house.
Maybe the idea of spring or summer reading has you thinking of school. While you may never want to step foot into a classroom again, there is something enjoyable about reading on those late spring and summer afternoons into the early evening. Maybe your curled up in a big chair... [read more]

Cinco De Mayo Celebration Ideas

May 5 marks the day Mexico triumphed over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Most celebrations south of the border, though, are confined only to certain areas of the country.  In the United States, however, Cinco de Mayo has become wildly popular as Americans celebrate the day by... [read more]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Salesman and a customer in a car dealership.
A test drive is a crucial part of buying a car, whether you're shopping for a new or used model. It's the best opportunity you get to physically experience the car before making your decision whether to purchase a particular vehicle. As AAA reminds everyone, a test drive should not... [read more]

Maintain Your Mountain Bike For An Excellent Ride

A guy athlete serves and repairs his mountain bike in the garage
Don't miss out on an opportunity to hit the trails because your bike needs repairs. Keep your mountain bike functioning properly with these simple maintenance tips suggested by Bicycle Warehouse and never miss out on the chance for a ride. Tips To Maintain Your Bike Check Your Tire Pressure. Your tires are one... [read more]

Enjoy A Bite At Camille’s Sidewalk Café

Open cafe or restaurant. Open sign board on glass door in modern cafe coffee shop
If you're in the market for a café this more than just coffee and pastry bites, then swing by Camille's Sidewalk Café and check out their menu which is packed with deli-style sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, grilled Paninis, desserts, smoothies, and a selection of coffees and teas. Camille's Café offers... [read more]

Meal Prep For The Week

Salmon and Meat Balls Meal Prep in storage containers
Whether single, married, or a parent, you struggle to create delicious and healthy meals if you work outside the home. Although you try, there never seems to be enough time. Instead of feeling defeated, use these helpful tips to learn how to meal prep for an entire week. Doing this... [read more]