Ways To Keep Your Brain Active This Summer

Father and son building a tree house together

Whether you are a teacher or have kids out for the summer, this season can be extremely relaxing. Sometimes arguably to relaxing. What with sleeping in, playing at the pool, or going on vacation, your brain can feel like it is on a vacation. While you certainly may need to give your mind a break every now and then, you still want to keep your brain sharp during the summer. Thankfully, there are several enjoyable things you can do to keep your mind alert. Mountain Heights Academy offers a few ways to keep your brain active this summer.

Keep Your Brain Active by Reading

Of course, your kids may roll their eyes when they hear summer reading, but reading is one of the best things you can do for your mind. While reading in general is helpful, be mindful to select books that challenge you. Opt for books that make you think in different ways. You can read a historical or scientific book that helps you learn. Or you can select a mystery book that makes you think of what can come next.

Attend a Summer Program

Maybe you want to participate in something that is a little more engaging. During this season, there are many programs that you can participate in whether it is at your local library or community center. You can opt to be a part of sports team or a club for activities like hiking, chess, kayaking, or French. Maybe you can attend fun classes like a salsa dance class or a cooking class.

Work on a Summer Project

The summer season is also an excellent time to work on those projects that you had on your bucket list a the beginning of the year. May be you and your children could build a tree house together. You could paint or create some pottery. Get with your friends and train for a marathon together. Your summer project does not have to be physical, though. May be you could make a resolution to learn a language over the summer months or you may want to pick up an instrument.

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Keep Your Brain Alert by Volunteering

If you have the free time over the summer, you may want to volunteer. With the longer days, this season is an excellent opportunity to volunteer at an animal shelter after work or on the weekends. You may sign up for Habitat for Humanity. Really the possibilities for volunteering are endless. It is a great way to get you out of the house during the summer and keep your brain alert.

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