Why Is The Toyota Camry So Popular?

2021 Toyota Camry

As many Toyotas as you see on the road, you probably notice the Toyota Camry the most! Some people wonder why the Camry is in such high demand or why everyone wants to get behind the wheel of one. Well, the answer is simple. It is a basic car that has added functionality and style to every drive. A common misconception is that the most popularly driven Toyota vehicles are trucks or SUVs, but that is not the case when it comes to the Camry and here is why!

The Size

It is understood that SUV’s and minivans are the best “mom cars” or the best cars for families. Although, after the release of some of the newer and newest models of the Camry, people are waving goodbye to their soccer mom mini vans and SUV’s and saying hello to something sportier but functional. Since the 8th generation of the Camry, we have seen a major increase in size. Where as before, you viewed The Camry as a smaller sedan that 3 people in the backseat was a stretch and kind of crammed, to now seeing a multitude of leg room and space in the backseat.


This is the number one component people think of when buying a car (we hope!) The Camry has really upgraded its safety features to be one of the safest vehicles on the market. The advanced driver safety aids, like adaptive cruise control and forward collision mitigation are now standard equipment. The 2018 Camry also offered new suspension, which equates to a smoother ride.

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In addition to size and safety, people are often blown away when vehicles have features such as Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay®, GPS Navigation, handsfree options, and more. The Camry now offers all of this to its future and current drivers, making this vehicle seem like the car of the future! In addition to those features, the Camry also has leather upholstery, power adjustable driver and passenger seats, an 8-inch touchscreen, all the nanny features, and a nine-speaker audio system with satellite radio and HD radio set atop 18-inch alloy wheels.

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