Stop Cold Weather From Affecting Your Vehicle

Frozen windshield

Believe it or not, as the cold weather rolls in, your vehicle can start to have a lot of problems if pre-cautions are not taken ahead of time. Most of the problems cold weather creates for vehicles are very fixable, but they can frustrate anyone that is in a hurry, on the go all the time, or simply just doesn’t want to have to deal with car troubles in the freezing cold. Therefore, here are some ways to solve problems that cold climate might cause to your vehicle.

Dead Battery

This is the most common but probably the most annoying. Often, we don’t always have everything we need to fix this, depending where we are, but it can be a frustrating problem to fix when it is below freezing temperatures. To avoid this problem all together, so you’re not in a bind, keep your battery’s connections tight and free of corrosion. If your battery is more than three years old, it could also be a good idea to replace it. You can even purchase a battery warmer to keep the battery from going dead from cool temperatures.

Deflated Tires

As the weather gets colder, the air in your tires tends to contract and leave less tire pressure. Therefore, make sure you are checking your tire pressure more often to ensure your tires are not too deflated to drive on.

Thick Oil

Some may not know this, but as the temperature drops, it can make your oil begin to thicken! To avoid this and future problems, switch to a low-viscosity oil or synthetic oil! Either of these will help your car run to perfection without compromising the oil quality.

Windshield Frozen on the Inside

This sounds like a weird problem to have, but if your defrost functions are not working properly, your breath can freeze the inside of the window. Therefore, make sure your defrosting functions are in proper working order to prevent this from happening.

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Driving an Electric Vehicle

Driving an electric vehicle is not the problem when it comes to cold weather. The cold can sometimes make your EV not run as efficiently! Keep in mind it takes more energy to accelerate when your battery is frozen or cold because it is not able to get warm quick enough. Make sure you are letting your car run for a while before driving to properly warm it up and be sure to have a full charge.

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