Set The Table For Turkey Day With These Tips

Festive table setting for Thanksgiving day holiday dinner. Flat-lay of white ceramic plates, tableware and golden culery over white table decorated with pumpkins and candles, top view

If you’re responsible for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important to think of every detail. First, you’ll need to decide who to invite. Second, you’ll put together an incredible menu. Third, you buy groceries and decorations for your house. Fourth, you’ll want to set the table to represent the holiday and make eating comfortable.

For the last item on the list, here are some helpful tips to create a tablescape that impresses everyone. You can go all out, which means spending a lot of money. However, that’s not necessary. You can set the Thanksgiving table to look amazing even if you are on a budget. Here’s how.

Tablecloth or Table Runner

Both a tablecloth and table runner help set the tone. Instead of buying something with a Thanksgiving theme, first look at what you already have. For instance, you could use a Buffalo plaid tablecloth. Then, create a centerpiece made of pumpkins and gourds. Their colors will pop against the black-and-white pattern. You’ll get the same results with a table runner.

Perhaps you have a red tablecloth or runner that you typically use for Christmas dinner. That same color works great for a Thanksgiving table as well. Rather than make a centerpiece out of boldly colored items, choose more neutral tones. Things like white pumpkins and silver candleholders look fantastic.


Speaking of the centerpiece, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make something beautiful. If you live in an area with pinecones, gather some and then spray-paint them in fall colors. You can also place a large bowl in the center of the table filled with fresh oranges, apples, and pinecones. For a more formal setting, you’ll never go wrong with fall-colored flowers.

Bring Some Height to the Table

For a more formal look, place taller decorations on the table. As an example, you could paint a four-inch block of wood to set your centerpiece on. Another great idea is to use tall candleholders. However, keep one thing in mind. While you want to give the setting more dimension, you don’t want the items to block people’s views.

So, when looking at different decorations, focus more on height rather than width. After all, you want your guests to see each other while enjoying the Thanksgiving feast.

Plate Settings

One option is to set the table with matching dishes. Another is to mix designs. For instance, if you have various types of dinnerware in green, white, or orange, you can easily set the table with a combination of both colors and designs. Now, if you choose to do this, keep the centerpiece simple. That way, the plate settings become the focal point.

Of course, if you have matching dinnerware, then, by all means, use it. Don’t worry about solid colors looking too plain. That’s where you can dress them up with napkins.

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These aren’t paper towels but cloth napkins that’ll enhance your Thanksgiving table. You want to coordinate them with the dinnerware. In other words, if you use solid orange plates and blows, then opt for patterned napkins. On the other hand, choose solid napkins when using dinnerware with designs.

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