Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Treat From Glenn’s Bakery

Fresh delicious doughnuts on display in a bakery

Are you craving something sweet, and day-old baked goods at the grocery store won’t cut it? No matter how discerning your sweet tooth is, you’ll fall in love with the treats at Glenn’s Bakery in Gallup, NM. It’s open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and offers an assortment of freshly baked goodies. Plus, it has a delicious lunch menu, providing yet another reason to visit. Get the details to see why this is such a popular bakery with locals.

Fuel up With Donuts and Coffee

You can jumpstart your day by stopping by Glenn’s Bakery for donuts and coffee. The coffee selection mirrors what you’d find in a local coffee shop and combines perfectly with the donuts.

These donuts are so delicious that they’d go well with anything. They’re baked fresh each morning, and there are options for every taste. The blueberry cake donuts are a favorite but don’t stop there. You can save money by getting a dozen, so load up on different flavors.

Grab Some Dessert

It’s hard to walk into Glenn’s Bakery without grabbing some cookies, Mexican pastries, turnovers, and other treats. Oh, and many of the desserts are seasonal, so you’ll be introduced to new flavors throughout the year. That includes the famous pumpkin cookies. They go quickly, so make sure you grab some when they’re in season. Then you’ll see why people spend the better part of the year craving them.

Order a Cake From Glenn’s Bakery

If you need a custom cake, Glenn’s Bakery delivers in a big way. The bakery constantly exceeds expectations with its delicious and beautifully designed custom cakes. You can check out the bakery’s Facebook page to get a better idea of the types of cakes it offers. It’s amazing how creative the designs are, and the flavors are out of this world.

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Head Over for Lunch

Because this is a bakery, you might not expect a vast lunch menu, but that’s what you’ll get at Glenn’s Bakery. First, the burgers are outstanding, thanks in part to the homemade Jalapeno-Cheese buns. Oh, and Green Chili Stew is legendary. The bakery also has lunch specials, allowing you to load up on delicious food at a reasonable price.

Whether you are craving sweets or need a quick lunch, you’ll find what you want at Glenn’s Bakery. While there’s a drive-through, consider coming in and staying awhile. Then you can enjoy the friendly service and relaxing environment while savoring your food.

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