Preparing To Go Back To School

kids going back to school after summer break

Heading back to school is an exciting and stressful time for both parents and children. The idea of shopping and getting new clothes and supplies makes a young student indescribably happy and parents a bit stressed. A new year comes with new challenges, new needs, and a child that outgrows clothes and out uses items before a parent can blink. To help relieve some start-of-the-year stress, here are some tips about preparing for back to school from VeryWell.

Do Inventory First

School supplies change year to year. It does not matter if your child is going up to a new grade or if a younger child is entering a grade a sibling has already been in. Supply needs differ because the needs of students change and curriculum changes.

VeryWell recommends that parents do an inventory of the supplies they have left over from the previous year. Often, binders, backpacks, lunch boxes/bags, and pencil cases/pouches will last a long time. If an older sibling used an item gently, then it could be passed down to a younger sibling. You might also find that your student has unopened or unused pencils, pens, highlighters, etc.

This method works for clothes too. You might find that your child has some clothes that still fit and that they love, or that a sibling can get some use out of.

Clothing Needs

The clothes your child needs can change from year-to-year, or, more often, through one year. Children grow fast and dress codes or uniform requirements change too. Before you go and buy clothes, VeryWell suggests that you look your child’s school dress code up first to make sure all the clothes you buy are school appropriate.

Additionally, the high school might allow an item of dress that the elementary school would not, such as flip-flops or sandals. It is always best to look ahead of time and to have clothing that your student feels comfortable in.

Supply Needs

What your child needs for school will vary from grade. Younger students will typically need more art-based supplies while older students more organizational and academic supplies. Often, a school or teacher will have a list available that details what your child will need for the year. Some schools even work with companies to buy supplies for students based on the teacher’s needs for the year and mail the supplies to you or the school. It is always best to ask what options for school supplies are available to you and what supplies the teacher wants your child to have.

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Make a Lunch List

If your child brings a lunch to school, VeryWell recommends that you start making a list of food for lunches before the year starts. Some suggestions are baby carrots, raisins, sandwich supplies, snack items, an ice pack, a reusable water bottle, and a lunchbox/bag.

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