Treat The Kids To Pizza And Ice Cream From Fratelli’s Bistro

Little boy smelling pizza in restaurant

Are you worn out from cooking holiday dinner? Do you wish you could go sit and have a nice meal but one the kids would enjoy? Fratelli’s Bistro is ready when you are. Famous for their pizza and ice cream, your kids will love this place and love you after a night out for their delicious eats.

Pizza and Calzones

Enjoy a hand crafted pizza or calzone that is completely customizable and made with fresh ingredients. Fratelli’s pizza and calzone menu is creative and even includes an “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” pizza for the Pizza lovers that love all the toppings. When you glance at their menu, you will notice there is everything from a Cheesesteak pizza to Hawaiian pizza. Fratelli’s did not leave out anything as it seems when you go and dine there.

Subs and Paninis

Unlike most pizza places, Fratelli’s also offers subs and paninis for the true Italian that just wants a hot sub for lunch. The subs and paninis are also completely customizable! They have everything from a French dip sub, to a classic meatball sub.

Starters and Salads

Maybe you’re not craving a huge Italian meal, and want something light. The good news is, Fratelli’s offers starters and salads that are for the person that can’t eat as much food and is not a fan of bringing home leftovers. These perfectly portioned starters and salads will be just enough if eaten as a meal or even a side!

Wings & Pasta

Maybe you get the kids a pizza to share but if you’re craving something else! The wings and pasta dishes at Fratelli’s will blow your mind. Your taste buds will be extremely thankful for a fork full of carbs and the flavors that the wings are slathered in.

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Top it Off

As mentioned, the ice Cream at Fratelli’s is out of this world and is guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth and top off that meal you just had. If you don’t always leave room for dessert you will want to for this ice cream!

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