Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For New Moms

daughter greeting mother with a gift on mother's day

As a new mom, the first Mother’s Day is a special occasion, and you want to celebrate accordingly. That includes buying the ideal present to mark the occasion. Check out some Mother Day gifts for new moms that are the perfect way to commemorate the milestone.

First Mother’s Day Shirts for Mom and Baby

The new mom is probably bursting with pride and wants the world to know she’s celebrating her first Mother’s Day. She won’t have any trouble getting the word out when you give her and the baby matching shirts that say, “First Mother’s Day.” You can customize the shirts online and even include images if you want.

Time Capsule

Time moves quickly with a new baby, and they grow up so fast. You can help the new mom hang onto the memories by gifting her a time capsule. First, get a storage container such as a shadow box. Next, decorate it accordingly and give it to the new mother so she can place items inside. Then she and her child can open up the time capsule down the road to relive those early days.

Locket with Photograph

Are you searching for a sentimental gift? If so, consider getting the new mom a locket with a photograph of her and the baby. Then her son or daughter will always be close to her heart. Don’t be surprised if this becomes her favorite piece of jewelry, even if you don’t spend a lot of money. It’s just hard to compete with such a special locket.

Dinner Subscription Service

It’s hard to find time to cook when caring for a new baby, so new moms love dinner subscription services. You can choose something where the meals are already prepared or go with a service like Blue Apron. Then she can continue to cook dinner without having to prep the ingredients.

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Wireless Photo Mini Printer

New moms love snapping pictures of their babies but often don’t have the time to print them. Thus, they end up with hundreds of photos on their phones without a way to look at them without a digital device handy. You can change that by gifting a wireless photo mini printer. Then she can print off photos on the fly and display the pictures around the home.

A first Mother’s Day is a big event, and you can rise to the occasion with these gifts. Choose one or two for the occasion and get ready to see a smile on the new mother’s face during the big reveal.

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