Pack Up And Head Out In The 2022 Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Toyota rebuilt the Tundra with your adventure in mind. From tons of storage space to rugged and durable features, your new Toyota Tundra will help you chase your dreams and make lasting memories. If you haven’t seen the Tundra lately, then it’s time for a second look. Toyota built this beautiful truck to deliver both looks and utility. Let’s take a look at what the Tundra offers to the adventurous.

A Crew Cab That Won’t Quit

Yes, you can have a dynamic pickup truck with a spacious crew cab. The 2022 Toyota Tundra comes in three different packages. The Limited and TRD Pro editions offer the CrewMax with a 5.5-foot bed. The 1794 provides the 4×4 CrewMax with a 6.5-foot bed standard. Long gone are the days when passengers had to perform physical origami to get in and out of anything but the driver’s seat. The truck has tons of legroom, so everyone can ride in comfort no matter how uncharted the path.

A Bed Built for Work

In 2022, Toyota did a total redesign for the Tundra model, updating key elements. It combines the lightweight efficiency of reinforced aluminum with a new Sheet-Molded Composite surface so you can haul some serious payloads with a dent-resistant bed. Additionally, the deck rail system ensures that you can securely transport all your favorite toys, including ATVs and dirt bikes. And whether you’re packing the truck bed for a backwoods campout or piling it high for the next construction job, the Tundra is tough enough.

Store More

The Tundra’s recent redesign included tons of functional storage. Stay organized and safe with generous console storage that allows you to keep everything you need within reach. And if you’re planning to take your Tundra on adventures, flip up the back seat for additional storage and organization. You can stow all your essential gear without compromising cabin space.

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Here’s Looking at You, Tundra

The Tundra’s redesign included both the exterior and interior design. The 2022 Tundra is a stunner that is catching considerable attention and appreciation. The exterior melds key safety features like high-performance LED headlights with a fresh, chrome-accented look. The new look is brighter and bolder. And as for the interior, get ready to take on an adventure in comfort and style. Heated seats, sunroofs, leather options, and plenty of USB connections mean you will enjoy the ride, no matter how far. In addition, the 1794 Edition features the luxurious look of real American walnut trim in key accent spots.

If you haven’t taken a good look at the Tundra in a few years, or if you’re looking for a truck that both performs and lasts, it’s time to see us. At Amigo Toyota in Gallup, New Mexico, you’ll find the Toyota Tundra package to help you chase your dreams. Come and visit us, and we’ll help you pack up and head out on your next adventure.

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