Maintain Your Mountain Bike For An Excellent Ride

A guy athlete serves and repairs his mountain bike in the garage

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to hit the trails because your bike needs repairs. Keep your mountain bike functioning properly with these simple maintenance tips suggested by Bicycle Warehouse and never miss out on the chance for a ride.

Tips To Maintain Your Bike

Check Your Tire Pressure. Your tires are one the most important components of your bike. Everything else can be in pristine condition, but if you’re tires have a leak, you’re not going anywhere. You should check your tires once a week to ensure they are properly inflated.

Lube Your Chain. The chain is used to turn your tire, without it you’re just a sitting duck. An important step in your mountain bike maintenance is to keep you chain clean with degrease and smooth with lube. You really don’t want to put too much lube on your chain because it can actually wear the chain faster than usual. When you have too much lube it attracts dirt, dust, and grime, so make sure you wipe the excess lube off with a dry rag.

Do Not Touch The Disc Brake Rotor. The disc brake rotor is apart of your braking system. Your fingers have oil on them and if you accidently touch the rotor is can contaminate it and cause your brakes to be squeaky. Try not to transfer lube to the rotor either, so if you accidently touch the rotor clean it with isopropyl alcohol or soap and water before riding.

Don’t Touch The Brakes When The Wheel Is Removed. Don’t squeeze your brake lever, if you have your wheels off. If you have hydraulic disc brakes and you squeeze the lever, it can cause the caliper to push the brake pads together, which will cause you to not be able to get your tires back on. If you’re brake pads get stuck together use a clean flathead screwdriver or a brake pad separator tool and try to pry the pads apart.

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Get Back On The Trails Today

Before you hit the trails make sure you thoroughly inspect your mountain bike to ensure it is in good working condition. Check out the steps above and enjoy the trials.

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