Life Hacks You Should Try

Closeup hand of businessman with coin, going to toss the coin or playing the head or tail, chance, and make a decision

Life can be tricky, right? Sometimes, we all need a few clever tricks to make things a bit easier. Lucky for us, the team at BuzzFeed has curated a list of useful life hacks. If you’re ready to make life a tad smoother, here are five lifehacks you should try today.

The Decision-Making Coin Toss

Can’t decide between pizza or burgers for dinner? Or which movie to watch tonight? Here’s a neat trick. Flip a coin. No, really. The magic isn’t in the coin’s answer, but in the moment it’s up in the air. You’ll find that while you’re waiting for it to land, your mind secretly hopes for one side over the other. So, even if the coin says ‘pizza’, but your heart cries out for ‘burgers’, go with the burger. Your gut feeling will shine through, and decisions will be a breeze!

Speaking It Into Memory

How many times have you placed your keys somewhere and then spent ages looking for them? Too many, right? Well, here’s a quick hack. Next time you put something down, even if it’s just for a moment, say it out loud. Like, “I’ve put my keys next to the microwave.” It might sound silly at first, but vocalizing the action creates a stronger memory. The next time you wonder where your keys are, you’ll remember your own voice telling you.

Stretch It Out

A lot of us have jobs that require sitting for hours. And while it might be comfortable, it’s not so great for our bodies. Stiff neck, back pain, tight hips – sound familiar? To keep those aches at bay, get into the habit of stretching. Find a simple 5-minute routine to stretch out your hips and chest. Doing this daily can make a world of difference. You’ll feel more relaxed, flexible, and ready to tackle the world!

Amazon Reviews: The Sweet Spot

Online shopping can be a game of luck sometimes. Is the product good? Is it bad? It’s hard to tell. But here’s a cool tip for all you Amazon shoppers. Instead of reading the 5-star or 1-star reviews, focus on the 3-star and 4-star ones. These reviews tend to be the most honest and balanced. They’ll tell you what’s good about the product and what’s not so great. It’s like getting advice from a friend who keeps it real.

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Choose Your Critics Wisely

Lastly, a life hack that’s more about mental well-being. Everyone has an opinion these days, and not all of them are pleasant. If someone criticizes you, ask yourself this: “Would I take advice from this person?” If the answer is “no”, then their criticism shouldn’t matter either. By doing this, you’ll protect your peace and self-confidence.

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