The Future Is Here: Toyota bZ4X

profile view of the bz4x concept vehicle

Toyota innovated electric efficiency years ago with the hybrid Prius, and they continue to blaze new trails as they explore alternative fuels and electric power. This summer, they unveiled the latest step in their pursuit of zero-emission driving, the Toyota bZ4X Concept. This new SUV concept will be the first in a series of battery-electric models that combine Toyota’s dedication to quality with their commitment to innovative and forward-thinking design.

Electric Debut

In June, Toyota debuted the bZ4X at their U.S. headquarters over in Plano. While the full details on the production model will follow, the concept was introduced with some exciting features and attributes. Similar in size to the Toyota RAV4, the bZ4X will run on electric power, and it will be one of around 70 electrified models to be released around the world by 2025. It will also come standard with all-wheel drive to deliver crossover performance for drivers seeking a unique electric option.

On the Inside

The bZ4X’s interior sports a sleek design, with futuristic touches and glossy, reflective surfaces. On the dashboard, you’ll find an expansive touchscreen for easy interface with its apps and features. You can also see your vehicle’s gauges via the digital gauge display mounted just behind the steering wheel. The cabin also provides ample space for the daily drive and road trips with friends and family.

“Beyond Zero”

The bZ4X Concept represents Toyota’s ambition to achieve more than zero emissions. The long-term aim is to lower emissions to the point of no negative environmental impact, and ultimately generate a net positive result. To achieve their goal, Toyota has drafted a roadmap that relies on zero-emission power and alternative fuel to drive a lineup of innovative electrified vehicles. These models will make up the bZ, or “Beyond Zero” family, and the bZ4X has arrived as the frontrunner.

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Amigo Toyota

The bZ4X is expected to arrive on American roadways by mid-2022. Whenever you would like to speak with Toyota experts about what’s on the horizon, or if you’d like to explore the lineup that’s available today, come see us at Amigo Toyota in Gallup.

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