Fun Spring Activities For Kids

Family Harvesting Vegetables From Garden at Small Home Farm

Kids jump into each new season with a heavy dose of excitement, but spring might be the most thrilling of all. Children love the enticing weather, vibrant colors, and inviting smells that come with spring. Although, it doesn’t have to end there. You can increase the excitement with these fun spring activities for kids.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Spring brings in so many sights that you don’t normally see, making it the ideal time for a scavenger hunt. First, write down a list of some seasonal sights, such as different types of colorful flowers. Then, give everyone a list and let them take off to find all the items. And if you want to make it even livelier, select a prize for the winner. With a prize on the line, your kiddos will go all out.

Turn Your Garden Into a Fun Project

Are you planning to do a little gardening this year? If so, invite your kids to join you. First, take them to a garden center, where they can select a vegetable or plant to grow. Then, take them back home and show them how to plant and care for their plants. Oh, and if they choose a veggie, they can eat it when it’s time for the harvest.

Turn Spring Photos Into a Scrapbook

Spring’s blue skies, yellow sunshine, and vibrant flowers make wonderful backdrops for photos. With that in mind, take the kids outside for a spring-themed photo shoot. Go to different locations and use an assortment of backdrops. Then, print your photos and use them to make a scrapbook. You can pull that scrapbook out every spring to see how much everyone has grown.

Build Birdhouses

Spring also brings in lots of chirping birds that are looking for homes. You can help them get settled by making birdhouses with your kids.

You might be thinking, “I’m not handy enough to build a birdhouse,” but that’s not a problem. Instead of starting from scratch, you can buy a kit with everything needed to assemble the birdhouse. Then, the birds in your yard will have a home in no time.

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Throw a Flower-Themed Party

With so many spring flowers, it makes sense to incorporate them into a party. Let the kiddos brainstorm for creative ways to add flowers to the festivities. You can also make some suggestions, such as cutting flowers to turn into centerpieces and making a cake with flower decorations.

These activities will keep your entire family busy this spring. You’ll get to spend lots of time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while spending quality time with your kids.

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