5 Easy Fall Desserts The Family Will Love

fresh apple crumbleNeed some tasty, fall dessert recipes that won’t take all day? No problem. Gather your family around the table this fall with these cozy desserts and a glass of warm apple cider. You are sure to have full stomachs and lots of memories with these five easy fall desserts 

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

With the weather getting cooler, what could be more festive thachewy pumpkin oatmeal cookies? This recipe is stuffed with all of the festive spices everyone loves this time of year and topped with a tasty sugar icing drizzle. Kick fall into gear with a new fall recipe like these warm, delicious cookies. 

Apple Crumble

What is fall without this classic apple crumble recipe? This apple crumble is a fantastic option to feed a crowd and is easy to serve out of the 9 x 13 pan it’s baked in. Everyone will be satisfied as soon as they plunge into the gooey apple core of this classic fall dessert.  

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Taking a twist on this fall dessert classic, mini (personal) pumpkin pies. Who wants to go through the hassle of cutting a pie when you can have mini, hand-held ones? With the dessert table piled with loads of options, these mini pumpkin pies make it easy to enjoy more than one dessert this fall.  

Sauteed Apples a La Mode

One of the best parts of fall is that apples are in season. There are so many amazing desserts you can make, like this simple sauteed apples a la mode recipe. No baking or preparation is needed. All you do is slice some crisp apples, sauté them in butter and fall spices, and top them with vanilla ice cream. Bam! You have a dessert the whole family will love.  

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Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies

Nutritional value can be hard to come by in desserts, but not in these fudgy sweet potato brownies. Sweet potatoes have loads of nutrients and create the perfect texture for chewy brownies. The rich flavor brought by the combination of sweet potatoes and chocolate will make your family fall in love with this yummy dessert.  

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