Experience The History Of The Navajo Nation Firsthand

Long road at Monument Valley Utah side USA

The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation in the U.S. and offers unique natural beauty. Many of the sites within the Navajo Nation benefit from the peoples’ ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain them. Visitors to Gallup, NM, can come to the Navajo Nation to see and learn about important natural and cultural sites full of history. Experience the history of the Navajo Nation firsthand by visiting these key locations.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Evidence shows that people have lived in this area for over 5,000 years. Some families still live in Canyon de Chelly today, providing a link to the long history of this site. In addition to the natural beauty and wide vistas, you can also visit ancient pueblos. Then, see awe-inspiring rock art unlike anything else in the region.

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

You are a part of history when you walk into Hubbell’s. In fact, Hubbell’s is the oldest of the trading posts located on Navajo land. You’ll see many things that look exactly as they did in the past. You’ll also find more modern items to buy. When you visit, look for authentic crafts, art, and textiles made by local Navajo artisans and weavers. Many Navajo artists create one-of-a-kind works by hand using traditional themes, colors, and even fibers. In addition, other artisans explore modern ideas and materials within the context of Navajo culture. You can find unique and exciting items at Hubbell’s.

Monument Valley Tribal Park

Monument Valley is a special place for the Navajo people. The Navajo have a link to this sacred place that reaches far back into time. It’s easy to see why people would love this region. Huge red sandstone blocks sit in stark relief against the desert. Join a Navajo guide to get the most out of visiting this place. In fact, Navajo guides can offer a fresh look and help you learn about the history of this amazing park.

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A Guided Tour Through Antelope Canyon

You’re sure to find the color and views of the canyon walls lovely. In times past, antelope moved through the canyon to graze. As a result, the Navajo name for part of the canyon reflects that past. You must go through Antelope Canyon with a licensed Navajo guide. These guides help to make sure you are safe as you hike through the stunning canyon. While it may not seem possible in such a dry desert area, you could be in danger from flooding. In fact, a simple storm can cause a flash flood to sweep through the canyon. Your licensed Navajo guide can also provide exciting details about the canyon as you walk through.

There is beauty and history in the vast lands of the Navajo Nation. In addition, the Navajo people have a lot to offer. They work to keep up and share key historical sites and information. Make some time to visit the Navajo Nation and experience the amazing history.

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