Enjoy The Most Important Meal Of The Day At Peewee’s Kitchen

diner breakfast plate

Are you looking for a hearty breakfast but don’t want to spend much money? If so, head over to PeeWee’s Kitchen in Gallup for the most important meal of the day. The restaurant has been a staple of the breakfast scene since 1982 and has a reputation for delicious, home-cooked food at reasonable prices. And you can even grab a daily lunch special when stopping by the eatery. Get the scoop to find out why PeeWee’s Kitchen has been a local favorite for decades.

All Your Favorite Breakfast Foods in One Place

Whether you want a small bite to eat or a massive breakfast platter, you’ll find the ideal meal at PeeWee’s Kitchen. It has all of your favorite diner foods, including pancakes, omelets, and biscuits, but there are more options. It’s also the place to go for fried chicken and waffles, breakfast burritos, and other taste bud-tempting options.

All those choices are divine but don’t stop with meat, biscuits, and eggs. It would be almost criminal to come here without at least trying the cinnamon rolls. These aren’t some small cinnamon rolls you’ll find in a package. Instead, they’re so massive that you can share them. While you can share them, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to do so. It’s hard to part with even a sliver of these soft, fresh, sweet rolls.

The secret is out on these rolls, and people tend to order them in droves. That means you need to get there early so you can try one. Otherwise, they might be sold out, and you’ll have to try again later. Even worse, you might have to watch other diners enjoying cinnamon rolls that you can’t have. Now, that’s not the way to start the day.

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Craving Lunch? Grab a Special

PeeWee’s Kitchen recently changed its menu and now offers a daily lunch special during the workweek. These specials are only $10 and contain plenty of food, so you won’t go home hungry. They’re all delicious, but you can’t go wrong on “Chicken Day.” It’s each Friday, and you’ll find yourself coming back week after week.

You are sure to fall in love with your meal at PeeWee’s Kitchen. You can stop by and eat or order online and pick your food up. Either way, you’ll enjoy the homemade food you’ll get here.

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