Decluttering Tips For Your Home

Millennial man organizing his book collections

Cleaning and decluttering your home does not have to be left for the spring season alone. In fact, the fall season is the perfect time to straighten up your household before you begin decorating for the holiday season. To make cleaning your home a breeze, The Spruce offers some tips for decluttering your home.

Tips for the Bathroom

The Spruce suggests that you begin decluttering your medicine cabinet when you clean your bathroom. This is the perfect time to throw out outdated prescriptions and old makeup and skincare products. The items you keep should be stored back in the cabinet in an organized fashion with the items you use the most at eye level.

Tips for the Bedroom

The bedroom can be a big undertaking for cleaning and organizing when you consider closets, wardrobes, nightstands, etc. While these certainly need to be tackled in the quest for organization, The Spruce suggests that the first thing you should do to declutter your bedroom is to make your bed. As the bed is often the central point in the bedroom, making the bed instantly helps your room look cleaner.


Whether you have a small entryway, a foyer, or a mudroom, there is a space in your home that is the first thing guests see. You want it to make a statement while retaining order. The Spruce advises that you check any table, desk, or console you may have in your entryway and purge it of any items you do not need. If you do not have one already, this is also a good time to provide a space for your keys and other important items.


The kitchen is probably one of the more difficult rooms to keep clutter-free. There are many pots, pans, and other utensils. There are appliances for just about every culinary project you could think to make. The best place to begin decluttering in the kitchen – The Spruce suggests – is the pantry and other spaces used for storage. Clear them out of anything old or unused.

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Living Room

The issue with keeping the living room organized is that the space is constantly being lived in. People come in there to read a book, then leave the book on a table. Kids are always leaving the remote somewhere around, but never where it should be. This is why The Spruce advises that the simplest step for organizing the living room is to set up a space where items that are used every day are kept. Have a basket or large bowl that contains the remote controls, reading glasses, a Bible, etc. in one place.


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