Cinco De Mayo Celebration Ideas


May 5 marks the day Mexico triumphed over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Most celebrations south of the border, though, are confined only to certain areas of the country.  In the United States, however, Cinco de Mayo has become wildly popular as Americans celebrate the day by eagerly devouring tacos and other foods derived from Mexico. But is that really the best way to mark the occasion? Renowned chef Claudia Sandoval provided Better Homes & Gardens with four Cinco de Mayo Ideas that you may want to consider this year.

Share The Actual Story

Before you chow down on tacos or nachos, learn about the cultural significance of Cinco de Mayo. In particular, she notes, there are stereotypes out there about Mexican people, and telling the true story behind the holiday’s origin could help change those.

Support Mexican Businesses

Many chain restaurants out there have special deals marking Cinco de Mayo, but Sandoval suggests that you not forget about local businesses. Whether it’s a restaurant, pottery store, or any other local shop, buying local will go a long way toward helping the Gallup economy and the Mexican culture.

Support Mexican Arts And Museums

While many people associate Cinco de Mayo with the food, Sandoval is quick to point out the value of Mexican “artesanías.” She would encourage you to support local art galleries, museums, and artists that are honoring Mexico’s history and culture.

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Eat Mexican Food

This is one particular ritual of the day that you may have been enjoying for years, but Sandoval makes the case that you should find a recipe from Mexico and try cooking at home this year.

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