Car Organization Hacks To Keep Your Car Neat And Tidy All Year

Worker man cleaning dust interior vacuum inside car

As you enter 2022, you are probably looking for ways to change how you do things. You’ve seen where you can improve, you’ve learned tricks along the way, and now you’re ready to put them into action. Perhaps you are struggling with keeping your car tidy and clean throughout the year. If you feel defeated every time you clean the car and it gets dirty and unorganized almost immediately after, try these car organization tips to give everything a place and allow yourself to feel victorious over car organization.

Hang a Shoe Organizer

Toys, toys, and toys are everywhere in your car. Using a shoe organizer will give each toy a place and make them easily accessible for your little one if you hang it on the back of the seats. They can grab a toy, and even better, they can learn to put it away because now it will have a home.

Keep Cupholders Clean

This is most likely the grossest area in your car. There is always something sticky at the bottom, including crumbs, random lip balms, and maybe even dollar bills. Try putting rubber cupcake liners in your cupholders to make cleaning up quick and easy.

DVD Case as Storage

Hardly anyone is still watching DVDs. Repurpose one of your old DVD cases and use this as a coloring surface and pencil and crayon storage for your little ones. This storage hack will help eliminate broken crayons on the floorboards.

Collect the Trash

If your car does not have a trash can, trash is overtaking your car. You can use a cereal plastic container and plastic grocery bags as the main trash hub. This will help teach your kids to throw their trash away here. It will also prevent you from crumpling up that receipt or gum wrapper and not having anywhere to put it.

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Store Those Plastic Bags

If you’re looking for a way to store those grocery bags that often come in handy in the car, try using empty tissue holders. It will make it easy to reach a bag fast if needed, and it will reduce clutter and trash around the vehicle.

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