Go On A Blind Date With A Book From The Octavia Fellin Library

Student searching booksThere is nothing better than cuddling up with a good book and getting lost in its story. Many people miss out on so many fantastic stories and books because they “judge a book by its cover.” If you are what you would consider a bookworm and love getting lost in a book, try escaping that favorite genre of yours and go on a blind date with a book from The Octavia Fellin Public Library. Kindles, iPad’s and phones are cool to read on, but try opening a hard or softcover book from the library to get out of your comfort zone. 

All the Resources 

Most people underestimate The Octavia Fellin Public Library and all of the resources it does have. People rely on the internet so much that they tend to forget about other resources, such as a catalog search to find a certain book, technology to use, and research services. The Octavia Fellin Public Library in particular offers all of these things to the local public community. 


The Octavia Fellin Public Library is organized alphabetically, but it also offers different facilities to help you start in the right place. For example, there are children’s facilities that encompass all of the children’s books you can imagine. This area in particular can keep a kid who loves to read entertained for hours! The main library facility holds all of the other adult book genres that are easy to find with the library catalog. 

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Get Involved 

The Octavia Fellin Public Library is not just a place for reading, as it is a place to get involved. The library has a wide variety of programs you can get involved with to dive in and get to know your local community and the people in it! The Octavia Fellin Public Library has classes and workshops, film screenings, youth programs, clubs and organizations, and even technology courses you can take. The Octavia Fellin Public Library takes pride in offering ways to get involved in the community. 

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