Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

Shot of a fit young couple going for a run outdoors

The excitement of the holidays is unlike anything else during the year. The joys of gift-giving and receiving, being with family, and taking in the magic of the season are something you look forward to for weeks or even months. However, once you put away the Christmas tree, hang up the lights, and look at your budget, you can feel discouraged. Moreover, it’s normal to have some blues after the holidays, but you can get back to feeling better in no time.

Get Back to Your Exercise Routine

It can be challenging to exercise during the holidays. The busy season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can throw you off your regular schedule. This time of year also includes a lot of food – much of it not exactly providing good nutrition. Now is the time to resume (or start) some regular exercise. Furthermore, exercising can help you combat discouragement.

Get Out and About

The worst thing to do when you’re feeling blue is to stay cooped up in your house. Moreover, you’ve spent enough time hunkered down during the holidays. Now, it’s time to get out. Take a walk, even if it’s just a short one around the block or to the neighbor’s house. This can be a challenge during the winter when it’s cold outside. However, even a little time out of the house can be good for you.

Reread the Greeting Cards

Like most people, you probably receive holiday cards from family members and friends. Instead of putting them aside or throwing them out, the post-holiday wind-down is a nice time to read them again. The kind words of these loved ones may cheer you up or inspire you.

Talk to People

Being around those you love is the most effective way to beat the blues. If you need to re-energize your attitude or outlook, spend time with family and friends. For example, it probably won’t be enough to send a text or an email. Even a phone call isn’t the same as a face-to-face meeting with those you care about most.

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Make Some Goals for the Year

After the holidays, start looking forward to the year ahead. It’s fine to reflect on the previous year; however, if you’re going to battle the post-holiday blues, you need to set some goals for the new year. Make sure these goals are realistic and applicable to your needs. This is a great way to instill a more positive attitude and infuse your days with optimism.

From this moment on, implement these ideas into your daily life. You can then move beyond the holidays and feel positive about the year ahead.

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