How To Rejuvenate From Mental Exhaustion

Portrait of relaxed young man with bluetooth headphones in forest
In today's hyper-connected world, we often find ourselves feeling mentally exhausted. The constant barrage of notifications, information, and demands on our time can be overwhelming. But there are ways to breathe fresh life into your weary mind.  The Greatist team has curated an extensive list of tactics you can use... [read more]

Hobbies That Are Perfect To Pick Up This Season

As the cool, crisp fall air starts to settle in and the leaves begin to change their colors, many of us find ourselves looking for new activities to fully embrace the season. Fall, with its mild temperatures and stunning natural beauty, presents the perfect opportunity to dive into a hobby... [read more]

Gear You Need To Overland In Your Toyota

Sometimes the desire to break new trails is overwhelming, a primal human need of discovery and self-challenge. When you’re heading off-road and overland in a Toyota Tacoma or Tundra, Car & Driver offers some smart gear suggestions to help your trek be as successful as possible. Things to Consider Vehicle Compatibility:... [read more]

Life Hacks You Should Try

Life can be tricky, right? Sometimes, we all need a few clever tricks to make things a bit easier. Lucky for us, the team at BuzzFeed has curated a list of useful life hacks. If you're ready to make life a tad smoother, here are five lifehacks you should try... [read more]

How To Keep Your Home Tidy When You’re Busy

We all know the feeling: you get home after a super busy day, and the last thing you want to do is clean up. With work, school, family, and other commitments, it might seem impossible to keep our homes tidy. But don’t worry. Here are some easy tricks from Show... [read more]

Fall Activities To Enjoy With Your Kiddos

If you're looking for ways that your kids can make the most out of autumn's cool weather and stunning foliage, check out these activities, available all season long with a plethora of fun activities, according to Real Simple. Enjoy nature's simple pleasures with activities like hiking, visiting a corn maze,... [read more]

Be In The Know With This Truck Terminology

When you're shopping for a truck, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of terms and jargon used in the industry. But this guide from MotorBiscuit is here to break down some of the most common truck terms so you can shop with confidence. By the end of this... [read more]

Prepare A Picnic

With the hot summer days transitioning into the cool autumn days, start preparing a picnic today with these tips and tricks by Greatest. Picking the perfect time to have your picnic can also play an essential role in ensuring you have a perfect time. No matter what you choose to... [read more]

Cool Off With These Cold Soups

When you come home on a hot August day, you might not always feel like sitting down to a hot meal. Everybody has to eat, of course, so something cold might hit the spot without keeping the temperatures so high. Cold soup is a great way to beat the heat... [read more]

Snap A Few Pics For World Photography Day

On August 19, photographers of all skill levels recognize World Photography Day, and this global celebration is a great occasion to grab your camera (or smartphone), take a look around, and try your eye at taking a few commemorative photos. A Cornucopia of Cameras There’s a wide variety of cameras available now,... [read more]