7 DIY Father’s Day Crafts The Kids Can Make Dad

kids celebrating father's day, greeting dad

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the dads and father figures who hold a special place in our hearts. However, it can be a challenge to figure out the perfect gift. It’s important to show dad how much he means, and crafting something handmade is a great way to express your affection. So this Father’s Day, gather the family and some supplies and craft something special. Try one of these seven craft ideas today.

Blinged Out Bottle Opener

If you want to create something useful and creative, try a decorated bottle opener. First, head to the local hardware store and visit the paint section for an inexpensive paint can opener. You may already have several at home. Next, visit the craft store for some oven-bake clay and craft paint. Follow the directions for molding and baking the clay around the opener’s handle. Then paint it and seal it with Mod Podge.

Cool Can Koozie

First, head to the craft store and grab some craft foam. Then cut a length slightly longer than the circumference of the can. Next, decorate the foam with markers and fun designs or messages, and use a piece of Velcro to fasten the koozie around dad’s favorite beverage.

Fine Photo Finish

Little ones will love painting craft sticks. The broader ‘tongue-depressor’ style sticks are easier for smaller hands to decorate. An adult can stand by with a hot glue gun to fasten the sticks together. Finally, finish the frame with fun stickers or crafty bits and a photo showing dad why he’s so great.

Best Bulletin Board

You can help dad get organized and look good by making this easy bulletin board. Grab an enamelware tray, and use command hooks to secure it to the wall for a simple but decorative magnetic bulletin board. Additionally, you can craft some handmade magnets to complete the look.

Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These go great with the bulletin board craft. First, use ink pads to make two thumbprints in the shape of a heart on white cardstock. After that, cut the cardstock to the size of large glass gems, and use Mod Podge to make them stick. Once dry, glue a flat magnet to the back.

Great Griller

If dad loves to barbecue, then customizing an apron will tell everyone who the number one grill master is in your book. Many craft stores sell undecorated aprons. Then grab some fabric paint and markers to ensure dad is always in style when grilling. It’ll be his new favorite apron.

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Pottery for Papa

Pinch pots are a fun way to get everyone in the family crafting, from the littlest to the adults. Get some oven-bake clay from the craft store, and shape it into a wide, shallow dish. After that, follow the directions for baking the pot. Once it’s cooled, paint with acrylic paint, and seal with Mod Podge to keep it bright and functional for years.

Getting crafty for Father’s Day is a sweet way to let him know how special he is. Your heartfelt gift is sure to become an instant treasure for dad.

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