5 Trick Or Treat Parenting Hacks

Treats for Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for kids! They get to stay up past their bedtime, dress up, and indulge in their favorite candy. They are amped with energy the entire day and ready to make the most of their late night around their neighborhood! In addition to excitement, kids are distracted, hyper, and not always paying attention to things around them. This makes you their personal body guard. You have to make sure they stay visible. Sometimes, costumes can really hinder how visible they are too with masks, hats, face painting and etc.

Find the Perfect Fit

Make sure that their costume is hemmed properly to avoid tripping! Kids should have full range of motion in their costumes. No kid likes concrete scrapes, which would for sure ruin their night and yours.

The Brighter the Better

The darker the costume, the harder it is to find your kid in a crowd. Avoid black, dark purple, dark greens, etc. The brighter the costume, the easier it is to spot them in a crowd or if they run ahead of you.

Avoid Masks

Since masks can really limit the identity of a child, a better alternative is face makeup. Try and DIY a mask but by using paint. You can find safe face paints that will not harm the skin and it will be easier to recognize your little one.

Choose Non-Flammable Fabrics

Here is one most parents don’t think about. Jack-O’-Lanterns have real candles inside. If a child’s dress, cape, or basket comes near to the fire, it can be a horrible and traumatic accident. Choosing costumes that are less flammable and 100% synthetic fabrics can prevent your child from having to do “stop, drop, and roll” on someone’s lawn.

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Get Up and Glow

Your kids will think you are the coolest parent ever, even though your alternative motive is just to keep them safe. Get glow sticks for their candy basket, their bikes or for them to wear as jewelry. You can also use reflective tape as well. Reflective tape is a good idea if you have a ton of cars passing by. It makes your child easy to see, just like a stop sign!

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